3nStar Bill Counter

Counting Speed

1000 bills/min

Hopper Capacity

300 pcs

Stacker Capacity

200 pcs


2 LCD + 1 External

Bill size Dimensions

50-110mm(W) x 90-180mm(L)

product SKU: BC1005

3nStar Bill Counter machine are doubly advantageous: they
eliminate error and slash the time you spend counting bills.
In just a fraction of the time you normally spend, 3nStar bill
counters will not only count your money, but also check for
counterfeits using sophisticated multi-point technology.


  • Bill Counter with two Counter Display, 2UV, Counts Polymer and Paper bills and MG Counterfeit Detection
  • Automatic half-bill, double-bill, chain bill detection
  • Automatic starting, stopping and clearing
  • Batching and adding and self-examination functions

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