Why You Should Make 3NStar You Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor

//Why You Should Make 3NStar You Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor

Why You Should Make 3NStar You Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor

Want a Tablet?


Miami wholesale tablet distributorEver since the launch of the iPad took the world by storm, tablets have become a hot commodity.  Everyone wants one, but the varying price tags don’t make this feasible for a lot of people.  Some people see the big name brands as a status symbol and won’t settle for anything else.  Some people could care less about brands but just want a handy mobile device for casual gaming, Web surfing, and staying caught up on social media.  As both brand-names and generics have the same operating systems (OS), they can perform very similar functions.  People need to know they can get a choice of tablet for a low price and a great place to start is with us.

So why choose 3NStar-because we want to work for you and deliver the product customers want for the prices we are able to pay.  Buying items from wholesalers doesn’t mean you are getting an inferior product, it means you are saving money by purchasing directly from the source.  Think about it, a wholesaler sells goods to a retailer and due to all of the steps, costs, and logistics involved in getting from wholesaler to retailer, the customers are paying for all of this.  The alternative is to go straight to a Miami wholesale tablet distributor (that would be us), and make the purchase there.  It’s a terrific choice since you are getting that same tablet you have been eying in the store for a lot less since you didn’t have to pay for it to get to that store in the first place.


Why this Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor?


One of the biggest reasons you should look to 3NStar is that not only do we sell a large array of brand-name Apple and Android devices, we can offer even greater savings since we manufacture our own tablets.  So if having a household name on your tablet isn’t a concern, come to 3NStar and get the latest technology without handing over your entire paycheck.  This distributor wants to help you out by providing good products for fair prices and not only we they want to offer value to customers, we want to offer a great experience. 3NStar Miami wholesale tablet distributors understands that you want terrific service too and we want make it very clear that customer service is our #1 job.  We understand that happy employees provide better service and in order to make this work, a big part of our job is to keep our employees happy.  This simple concept of an employer keeping their employees happy to make customers even happier really shouldn’t be as rare as it is.


Tablets Aren’t Just Toys


tablet distributorsSure consumers use tablets for entertainment.  The 7” to 10.1” screens are so much better for quality game time than smartphones.  The same goes for student and business purposes.  Have you ever tried to read a document on your phone?  Let’s be honest, it can be a total pain.  Reading that same document on a tablet is a whole different story (no pun intended).  This Miami wholesale tablet distributor is well aware of that which is why we are ready to outfit your business with the best products for your employees.  3NStar is ready to provide companies with either our own tablets or big brand names for a lot less than you will pay elsewhere.  If getting what you need for a low price isn’t enough, let’s talk about selection.  While some wholesalers might offer high volume of just a few models, 3NStar doesn’t just have volume, we have a huge variety.  You don’t have to worry about compromising what you want due to a limited selection here since this wholesaler offers something for everyone.  We know customers come from all walks of life and want to find just the right tablet for each of our valued customers.




How practical is it to hand someone just a tablet with no accessories?  At the very least you need a power/data cable.  Well this Miami wholesale tablet distributor knows it doesn’t stop there.  3NStar has all of your accessory needs covered.  Speaking of covered, do you prefer a soft slipcase or a hard case for your new tablet?  If you need to turn your tablet into more of a laptop when you get to your desk, 3NStar offers Bluetooth items such as mice and keyboards to let your expand your device use.  We sell a wide array of speakers plus MHL adapters for connecting your tablet to a TV and portable power banks that will charge your tablet and other devices while you are on the go.  If you’re looking for a great place to get connected, then look no further.  Give 3NStar a call or check us out online so we can match you up with the perfect tablet.

Want a tablet but don’t want to pay high prices?  Check out Miami wholesale tablet distributor for hot items at cool prices.


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