What is a Point of Sale Touch Screen Monitor?

//What is a Point of Sale Touch Screen Monitor?

What is a Point of Sale Touch Screen Monitor?

Point of Sale touch screen monitors, oftentimes abbreviated as POS monitors, allow businesses to record the time, place, and other details about when a sale is conducted. This includes sales on physical goods from your store, or services such as restaurant experiences. Point of Sale systems allow businesses to record crucial accounting information, and also provide customers with a receipt. Miami is one of the busiest and most diverse cities in the United States, especially when it comes to tourism. Within the busy city of Miami, having a quality Point of Sale system is imperative to your business’ success. At 3nstar, we are your go-to, low cost point of sale touch screen monitor distributor.

How Can a Point of Sale Touch Screen Monitor Help My Business?

Point of Sale Touch Screen MonitorAs we mentioned, Miami is a busy metropolitan area that generates millions of dollars in revenue per year from locals and tourists alike. There are also millions of visitors that set foot in your business, and are expecting the highest quality service without payment delays. It is also essential for consumers to receive a receipt for the transaction, either in physical paper form or sent to their email. A Point of Sale touch screen monitor is able to provide both of these options.

Aside from bringing convenience to your customers and clients, your business needs an accurate, no-fail system to track all sales for tax reporting. The reputation of your business hangs on how well you record each sale, and as the name suggests, Point of Sale systems digitally record information on the spot. You will save hours of your time by not having to hand-calculate transactions at the end of each day. As a business owner, you are often putting in many extra hours and time saved is also money saved.

Your business will draw in the numerous benefits of these systems immediately; do not be intimidated by the prices you see online, especially if you are a small or startup business. If you are looking for a point of sale touch screen monitor, we are able to offer you affordable options.

What Features Do Point of Sale Touch Screen Monitors Have?

Point of Sale monitors’ internal systems vary by software. This software allows your employees to choose different products or services at the click of a button and automatically calculates tax.

In terms of external aesthetics and touch screen capabilities, Point of Sale monitors generally have a square monitor with a responsive touch screen and a sturdy base. Our company offers 15” 5-wire LED touch screen monitors with responsive touch screens and high screen resolutions for your everyday business needs. Our screens are also extremely bright (300cd/m2) for optimal viewing under any lighting.

We also offer a “bezel free” monitor, which is essentially just a flat screen without the plastic rim. It not only looks professional, but also eliminates dirt and debris from getting trapped in the rim. From years of experience as a point of sale system distributor, we have recognized the desire for a bezel free monitor.

How Does My Company Find the Right Product For Our Needs?

Point of Sale Touch Screen MonitorLooking, researching, and purchasing a system online is often a crapshoot if you do not know what you are looking for. If you are thinking of exploring a Point of Sale system, contact us via our website and we can assist you in finding the right product. We pride ourselves in being a point of sale equipment distributor with a commitment to supporting our customers by giving them technology to advance their business.

For businesses just starting, we recommend that you take the leap and purchase a Point of Sale touch screen monitor right away. Sooner rather than later, you will have to transition to this type of system if you expect to have a high traffic in your store or restaurant and ultimately be successful each fiscal year. For businesses looking to transition, fill out our contact form with the best time for us to contact you so we can make you more successful than previous years with your new system. Our goal is to take your business from good to great with this amazing technology.


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