Omni-Directional scannerAn Omni-Directional scanner, or omni scanner, is a type of barcode scanner frequently used in point of sale functions.  Omni scanning uses a series of straight or curved scanning lines of varying directions in the form of a starburst or other multi-angle arrangement which are projected at the barcode and one or more of them will be able to cross all bars and spaces in spite of the orientation.  Omni scanners almost always use a laser, but unlike single line laser scanners, they produce a pattern of beams in varying orientations which allow them to read barcodes at different angles.  Most of the omni scanners use a single rotating polygonal mirror and an arrangement of several fixed mirrors to generate complex scan patterns.

Most people are already familiar with omni scanners as they are found in supermarkets.  When items are slid over a glass sapphire window, an omni scanner records the barcode off the item, as they are better at reading poorly printed wrinkled, or even torn barcodes.  As logistics and supply chains have evolved, the need to capture and analyze barcode data is absolutely critical.  The past three decades have seen leaps and bounds in scanning technology, and one of these advances are omni scanners.  Due to the configuration of omni scanners, they are especially well suited to high volume checkouts, like those found in supermarkets.

The Technology

Before the mirror technology was implemented, the ability to scan a barcode in any orientation was limited to a laser using a series of mirrors that created a pattern of intersecting scan lines, or an array imager, that captured a picture of an entire barcode.  The omni technology use virtual scan lines, which are actually pictures which are taken along the lines.  The combined pattern of the virtual scan lines is formed by cycling through four different pattern layouts every hundred milliseconds.  Once an omni scanner has captured enough of the barcode, it decodes and sends data to the host terminal.  The recognition can occur during the first, second, third, or fourth pattern.  Once the barcode image is captured, it, and the virtual scan lines, are decoded.


Buying Omni Scanners in Miami

Miami tablet manufacturer Digit 3NStar is proud to offer a house branded omni barcode scanner to meet our customers’ needs.  It is a convenient small form factor with the scan rate of 1500 scans per second with USB and RS232 interfaces.  The light source is a 650mm diode with a scan pattern of 20 omnidirectional lines with a scan precision of 5 mil.  The scanner also features a two color LED visual indicator in blue and red.  Our scanner does feature up to 200mm scan depth of field.

Designs and form factors

Omni scanners can be hand-held, sit directly on a counter top, rest in a cradle, or be built into a counter similar to those found in checkouts in grocery stores.  The model offered by 3NStar sits directly on a surface, and does not require any type of base or cradle.  All employees have to do is swipe an item’s barcode, which, in turn, allows them to further assist customers or answer questions as they are ringing them out.  This way, the 3NStar product is a particularly good product in that it allows two displays of exceptional customer service.

Advantages over Basic Scanners

Basic barcode scanners have never been good at reading damaged or low resolution bar codes.  The advantages of omni scanners really come into play when you are dealing with barcodes that are printed in-house.  Omni scanners can read barcodes that have been damaged by heat, light, or environmental considerations such as water damage.  Traditional scanners do not do well with bar codes that have been exposed to water, nor do they respond well to barcodes that are printed on low resolution printers.  The multi angle scanning makes sure that the omni scanners have a tangible advantage over other bar code reading technologies, making it the clear choice in any environment where rapid scanning of a variety of bar codes is of great importance.

Here at 3NStar, we understand, and strive to meet your technology needs.  We offer an omni directional bar code scanner because we understand the needs for convenience and service.  In being able to scan items quickly, your staff will be capable of quickly and efficiently scanning items, thus reducing the time it takes to ring out any given customer.  The will most likely be greatly appreciated, as time is a very valuable commodity these days.  If you are in the market for a new scanner, it may be time for a new omni scanner.  Have a look at the Miami wholesale tablet distribution, 3NStar, in order to get a great product that will do the job in less time without taking up your budget.