4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Wholesale Tablet Distributor in Miami

//4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Wholesale Tablet Distributor in Miami

4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Wholesale Tablet Distributor in Miami

Wholesale Tablet Distributor in MiamiWithin the last few years, tablets have increased in popularity due to the convenience and functions it provide in almost every aspect of life. Whether you like to play video games, read a book, socialize or give presentations in your office, a tablet PC is considered to be the most effective platform to deliver. With features of a Desktop PC and portability of a cellphone, a tablet is a hybrid structure that is changing the way we do things.

Due to this increase in demand there is a need of companies that provide wholesale tablet distribution in Miami. Companies and colleges are looking to purchase tablets in bulk quantities for the ease of their employees and staff.

Here are some points you should look for in a company when choosing the right tablet distributor in Miami.

  • Price: Getting the best out of your allotted budget is something every company aims for when purchasing something in a bulk quantity. If you are one of those companies that want to lead in an industry and want to equip your employees with state of the art Tablet PC’s then at 3NStar, we are the best in the business as we guarantee the most affordable and authentic machinery to our clients. 3NStar knows that buying a tablet PC for hundreds of your employees needs quite a budget that is why we offer custom plans that suit your organization requirements. Due to our bulk manufacturing processes, we can offer our clients with tablets, chargers, power banks and cases at a competitive price compared to other companies.
  • Tablet variety: When it comes to choosing a tablet PC for your employees, every company has different requirements in terms of design, speed, screen size, and functionality. Considering this, 3NStar offers hundreds of different tablets and also manufacture’s its own tablets. We deliver according to the requirements of our clients by customizing and guaranteeing the tablet’s quality.
  • Accessories: Accessories for a tablet can range from headphones, charging cable, cases, and Bluetooth speakers. Getting all the accessories that suit your requirement from a tablet distributor in Miami can give you a peace of mind as all will come under guarantee from a single supplier. Taking the products for repair to different suppliers in different areas can be a nightmare. With all the products available under one roof, 3NStar can satisfy all your requirements.
  • Customer service: When buying a product at wholesale rates the biggest issue that people face is the after sales customer service they receive once they’ve bought the product. Most of the tablet distributors take their clients for granted by providing them with cheap products with no after sales support. It is crucial to buy from a company that provides a customer experience and has a proven track record. At 3NStar we not only provide customer service but an experience that you and your employees will cherish.

Why choose 3NStar as your Miami wholesale tablet distributor?

If you are looking for a complete technological solution whether to buy new products or upgrade existing ones, 3NStar is the place to fulfill all your requirements. We provide a complete solution with customizable products for your organizational needs. We provide a vast number of electronic products for all kinds of businesses whether you own a restaurant, a clothing store or you’re the head of a multinational. Some of the products we offer are:

  • Tablet Pc: 3NStar provides all kinds of customizable tablets that can be configured according to your needs. Not only do we provide branded tablets, we also manufacture in-house tablets that also include rugged tablets that are shockproof and can be used in almost anywhere.
  • Thermal receipt printer: Provides an amazing POS (point of sale) solution that displays the purchased amount and a receipt for your customers. Unlike other printers, a thermal printer does not require any ink cartridge giving you a solution for all that added cost.
  • Smartphones: Our Company has its own line of smartphones that are based on an Android system that will allow you to play games, use software’s and much more. The 3NStar’s smartphones are available in several colors with different specifications and price range.
  • Power banks:3NStar is a tablet distributor in Miami that does not only sell tablet PC’s but provides all tablet related accessories that include power banks, a must have accessory for those who travel. Our Power banks are smart, user-friendly and trendy giving you an overall experience.
  • Cases: As we believe in providing a complete portfolio of products, 3NStar has a range of cases that includes bags, pouches and game type cases as well. So whether you want to buy for your personal or organizational use, our platform gives you a one-stop solution for all your tech needs.
  • Cash drawers: Conventional cash drawers can be expensive and take a lot of space. 3NStar’s unique portable yet safe electronic cash drawers have an 8 coin compartment and 5 bill compartments with removable slots.

3NStar developed with an aim to provide all tablets PC’s and related products under one roof. We are driven by technology, respect for our customers and inspiration.

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