The Android Versus iOS When Thinking about an Affordable Tablet for a Distributor

//The Android Versus iOS When Thinking about an Affordable Tablet for a Distributor

The Android Versus iOS When Thinking about an Affordable Tablet for a Distributor

6673933999_a7f99204b9_bLoyal Apple customers swear by the iOS. We get that, and as a Miami tablet manufacturer, it is our obligation to offer it to our customers. The iOS has a lot going for it, like reliability and exclusive perks like the cloud and iTunes. That said, one of the reasons that we, as distributors, are able to move so many tablets is that Android tends to be cheaper. While Apple has got the trusted brand name, it was Android that made smart phones and tablets a reality for many, while the iPhones continue to be the market’s most expensive tablets and phones.

Here are a few reasons to consider why the Android is worth taking a look at it.


Also, when it comes to organization of files, especially photos, the Android does a better job. For example, it organized photos sent, downloaded and taken into different folders. The iPhone does not do this; making it tedious to manually organize photos. The same goes for Word files on the tablet. The Android’s visual organization system in general is far superior to the iPhone.


The iPhones are notorious for less than desirable battery life. It is not uncommon to see people with their tablets plugged in in public and in the car. Android tablets and phones have a battery life to put the Apple devices to shame. If we’re talking about phones, you can actually replace the battery on some Android devices, but not an Apple device. And even though we’re a Miami low-cost tablet distributor, we want you to have a device that lasts.

Apple Exclusivity

…is not a good thing. The Android allows you to download movies and music from anywhere versus the Apple which pretty much just lets you use iTunes. Additionally, you need iPhoto to transfer photos onto a computer. Android systems are much easier to navigate in this way—you have options. And when it comes to downloading apps, you have to go through the iTunes app, you can’t just download from a browser.

The same goes for charging your phone. You can ONLY use Apple’s cable rather than any micro USB cable. If you forgot your charger, you’re out of luck.

Multiple Users

You can set profiles for multiple users on an Android tablet, but not allowed on the iOS. This can be especially handy in a business situation, or any situation, really. You can control information and limit what they can see. This allows you to control how your employees use the tablet. Don’t want them on Facebook, but want to use it in your own spare time? No problem? Does the tablet go home with the employee or stay in the store? The user capabilities might depend on a number of variables, but the important thing is that you have a choice.

How Can a Miami Low-cost Tablet Distributor Change My Business?

Payment on the Go

This is the next big thing. Your customers will soon expect to be able to pay using an app, rather than a wallet. Google Wallet, and Visa on the Go are just two of many popular pay systems. It’s also easy enough to attach a credit card reader to a tablet. This allows the small business to pay per transaction versus paying upfront for merchant services.

Cut Staffing Costs

We know, it’s the age-old criticism of technology—that it will replace humans. But it doesn’t make it any less true! Modern restaurants are using tablets for individual customers to customize orders. How cool is that? Servers still bring the food, but will increase efficiency with less people.

Prepare Presentations on the Go

There are some great presentation apps that will allow you to tweak it anytime, anywhere. Plug into a projector and go…OR, share it with your employees on their tablets for an interactive presentation. Everyone will be engaged and interested.

Be Efficient

Track your inventory, payroll, or performance quickly and easily. If you have inventory, simply take your tablet into the warehouse and make your notes. What was once a laborious process of note taking and data transferring is now a snap with an app like Inventory Tracker. 3nStar is a Miami tablet manufacturer that is committed to making your life easier.

Give Estimates and Invoices on the Spot

If you’re job requires you to see customers and give estimates, use your tablet to calculate an estimate or share an invoice via email. Giving an estimate on the spot will increase your business threefold. If there is any negotiating to be done, this can eliminate back and forth phone calls and emails. Sharing invoices via email is paperless and efficient for you. Save a tree by purchasing tablets for your business at a Miami tablet manufacturing company.

Be the Cool Guy

Let’s face it. Tablets are the now and the future. Your business is the modern, contemporary, efficient option versus the guy with the pen and paper. And when you buy your tablets from 3nStar, the premier premiere tablet manufacturer in Miami, you’re not passing down cost—you won’t have to.

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