Tablet Resellers South America

//Tablet Resellers South America

Tablet Resellers South America

Wholesale Tablet Reseller in South America Brings Technology at Affordable Prices

What would you give to be connected to your friends, family, work and the world anywhere you go? How wonderful would it be to find inspiration right in the palm of your hands? How important is technology to your enjoyment and entertainment?

If your answers are anything, absolutely wonderful, and very important, 3nStar has just what you are looking for!

3nStar is a wholesale tablet reseller in South America dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tablet PCs to enhance all areas of your life. Be more productive at work, stay in touch with other quickly and easily and entertain yourself endlessly with powerful, portable technology anywhere and everywhere at a price anyone can afford.

3nStar has the Technology to do it All!

As a tablet reseller in South America, 3nStar is able to bring you the tablets you need at affordable, competitive prices. We strive to meet and exceed your every expectation in quality and customer service because we understand how important staying connected is.

With several tablets to choose from, there is something for everyone’s needs and budget. Choose from our 7” StarTab T701B with a Cortex 1.0Ghz CPU and 512MB DDR3 memory or the super-tablet of them all, our 10.1” StarTab T1125 with Rockchip Quad-core Cortex CPU and 1G DDR3 memory. Or, opt for a model in between. Wi-fi ready, and with bright LCD displays, any of our StarTab tablet PCs are capable of handling your demands on the go!

Browse our selection of tablet PCs for specifications and find one that works for you.

Want More from your Tablet Re-sellers in South America?

Sure thing!

Besides being one of the top tablet re-sellers in South America, 3nStar also offers a complete line of cases, audio speakers and power banks to make your tablet experience even better.


You are covered when you purchase a stylish case to go with your StarTab tablet PC! Our leather, fabric and silicone cases protect your device from damage and look great while doing it! Several colors and patterns are available to choose from.


Enhance the sound of your tablet with a quality blue-tooth speaker. Listen to music and audio books or watch videos with crisp, clear bass-boosted sound anytime the mood strikes!

Power Banks

Never worry about your device going dead right in the middle of something important or entertaining again, when you add an optional power bank to your order. These power banks charge your device in a hurry so you’ll be back to work or play quickly. An added bonus is they work with your other mobile devices, too!

Click here to see our complete assortment of accessories for the ultimate tablet experience!

Trust 3nStar Tablet Resellers South America for all your Advanced Technology Needs

When it comes to staying connected in this fast-paced world, nothing beats the mobility and portability of a tablet PC. 3nStar tablet resellers South America wants you to have the power to do all the things you need and want to do no matter where you are. We are sure our high quality tablets and accessories will impress even the most technologically savvy, and at these prices, we’re even more sure you will agree.

Never miss another important email, work from home if you want to, or simply entertain yourself for hours. Visit for more information and see how a having a tablet PC opens the door to a bigger, better world. Trust 3nStar, your South America tablet resellers, to keep you connected to the things most important to you, no matter where you are.

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