Tablet Distributor in Miami

//Tablet Distributor in Miami

Tablet Distributor in Miami

The school year has already started. Students are headed back to class and already hitting the books as we speak. When it comes to school now more than ever technology is needed in order to keep ahead in class. Tablets offer a unique tool for students to use in order to help them with homework, school projects, and staying ahead in school.

Tablets can be so expensive though. If you have more than one student in your household the cost can even become harder. This is why 3nStar is happy is be a wholesale tablet distributor in Miami. We believe everyone should be able to have access to the tools they need to succeed.

Tablets Are More Than iPads

When tablets first hit the scene of electronics. The leading device to set the bar was the iPad. It took the world by storm and helped to kick start the tablet revolution still going on today. Not many people were to excited about the price of the iPad though. For many people in order to even afford one they had to pay up a small fortune in order to just buy the iPad in the first place.

As a tablet distributor in Miami we believe people should not have to pay so much in order to afford a great tablet. We have a wide variety of Apple and Android devices at a great price you can afford. So you’re not only able to afford a tablet for yourself, but for everyone in your house as well.

How do we make sure our tablets stay at such a low price? Not only do we manufacture them, but we sell the tablets too. So you’re not only able to get the tablets you’re familiar with. You don’t have to worry about breaking bank in order to afford one as well.

Wholesale Tablets For You


Why are we so attractive to the buying public? Due to our focus on customer satisfaction we’re able to bring customers the latest technology they deserve without having to dedicate a whole paycheck in order to buy it. Tablet prices before were out of reach for many middle class Americans. At 3nStar since we’re a wholesale tablet distributor in Miami. This is not the case anymore for many families living in America. Tablet Wholesale

Tablets are notorious since they’re so so portable and provide a variety of functions. Tablets are similar to laptops, but much more portable. With a laptop you have to have an area of space to place it on in order to use it. With a tablet all you have to do is take it out and can navigate using only the swipe of your index finger. You can use it while standing, waiting in line, or you’re just checking your e-mail during your coffee break.

Tablets give people the opportunity to stay connected not only with work, but they’re personal life as well. Tablets allow people to keep track of their daily schedule in a much more efficient manner. Since tablets can be brought along just about anywhere. They are no more than a reach away in your purse or backpack for when you need to check something.


Wholesale Doesn’t Mean “Cheap”

Now, as a tablet distributor in Miami. Many people consider the word “wholesale” to mean cheap. Some people may even think a tablet is an inferior product simply because its an affordable price. This is not the case for the tablets at 3nStar. Our tablets are of the highest quality you can’t find anywhere else. Our products can do so much more than people give them credit for. Customer service is job number one for us.

In the wholesale arena we’ve noticed people can seem uncaring when it comes to the product. It’s affordable, right? Shouldn’t the prices alone mean the product is going to sell without any customer service backing it up? While some wholesales may believe this, we don’t. We believe in giving you five star worthy customer service from the time you come to look at our tablets until you have it in hand. Even then we’ll still give you excellent customer service!

We are one of the only tablet distributors in Miami who focus not only on the customer, but the product we have to offer as well. We are not tied down to any particular manufacturer. That’s just not how we do business. We enjoy offering a variety of tablets for our customers to choose from in order to to fit in with their current need or lifestyle. We have tablets as small as 7 inches all the way to 10.1 inches if you need one.

We are a continually growing company and are constantly moving forward. Let 3nStar be your number one tablet distributor in Miami today!




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