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10 Ways South American Wholesale Tablets are better than Laptops

tablet distributor in South AmericaAlthough laptops have long been the standard device for computing, connecting and working, South American wholesale tablets have quickly become the go to tool for work, travel, social networking and much more. There is a reason many business people are moving away from their clunky laptops in favor of tablets to get the job done.

When South American wholesale tablet distributors first began offering the devices, many people thought they were just a gimmick – some fancy piece of technology that would run its course. However, today, more people than ever before are using tablets for work and play, and with good reason.

South American Tablets consume less Power

Without question, tablets consume less power than laptops. It is not uncommon to get a full day’s worth of work done on one charge with a tablet. Try doing that with a laptop. You won’t even come close, but you will waste plenty of time searching for a power outlet.

Viruses are of little Concern

This is a fact that a tablet distributor in South America can be proud of. Viruses are of little concern when using a tablet. This is not to say that it could never happen, but unlike any Windows laptop, there is no need for virus software or worry about what you might run into on the World Wide Web.

Tablets offer the utmost in Portability

Sure, laptops are portable, but they are often heavy and bulky, which does not make for ease in portability. A tablet from a tablet distributor in South America on the other hand – small, portable and lightweight. But, do not let the size fool you – this type of technology is powerful enough to handle all your business needs with enough left over to stay in touch with friends and family.

More Bang for your Buck

It is safe to say that a high end tablet costs about the same as a low end laptop. This means you get more for your money right off the bat. But wait, with a laptop, you are not done. You still need a battery and a multitude of software in order to use it efficiently. It is easy to see how the cost adds up – and just as easy to see why tablets are a more cost-effective way of staying connected.

Stay Connected Anywhere with a Tablet

This is one of the biggest perks of using a tablet versus a laptop. Pay just a little extra and you can have a 4G connection on your tablet that allows you to stay connected online anywhere. There is no need to search for a Wi-Fi connection to get your work done. Sure you can purchase air cards for laptops, but there is just another expense to do the same thing tablets do more affordably.

Thousands of Useful Apps Available for your Tablet

Want to be more productive at work? There is an app for that! Want to reconnect with old high school friends? There is an app for that, too! With literally thousands of applications available for download on any tablet, staying connected, working productively and even grocery shopping is much easier. Try doing that with a laptop!


You do not have to be a computer whiz to use a tablet, that is for sure. With clutter free desktops and elegant interfaces, tablets are probably the most user-friendly devices in the world.

Tablets and Bluetooth play well together

Have you ever tried connecting a Bluetooth headset or other device to a laptop? It can and does happen, but often it is a difficult and confusing task. The two do not play well together. However, tablets are made to be portable, which means they should have no wires attached to get in the way. Bluetooth is the perfect complement to a tablet, and connecting a Bluetooth device is as easy as 1-2-3!

Quick Response

Need to shoot off a quick email or jot down a thought? Tablets make the task easy. Coming out of hibernation almost instantly, these devices give you the access you need quickly, which is important when you are on the go. Rely on a laptop for the same performance and you will probably be disappointed.

Social Networking

South American wholesale tabletsBusinesses rely on social media these days for most of their marketing efforts. Social networking is equally important when it comes to staying in touch with friends and family, too. With a tablet and a few trusty apps, you are Facebooking and tweeting in no time – no browser required!

The Future of Tablets

Actually, the future is now. Tablets are taking over the computer world, with laptops in their sights. With their ease of use, portability and multitude of uses, it is not farfetched to say that the laptop may be on its way out.

Where to find a Wholesale Tablet Distributor in South America

If you have been looking for a way to be more productive while on the go, or wish you could stay in touch with co-workers, family and friends from anywhere, it may be time to consider a tablet. You can find affordable tablets from a reputable wholesale tablet distributor in South America by visiting 3nStar offers several tablets, cases, speakers and power banks to keep you working productively and playing hard no matter where you are. Tablets are the future and this wholesale tablet distributor has the means to take you there!

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