If you run a business with a retail or sales front, then your point of sale system will be one of your most important assets. Not only does an efficient POS ensure that you can accurately maintain records of transactions and stock, but it can also allow your staff to be more efficient, and it will ensure the best customer experience at the counter. It doesn’t matter if you operate a restaurant or a supermarket chain, choosing the right components for your POS could have a significant impact on the operational side of your business.

One of the best ways that you can improve transactions at the counter, is by investing in affordable touch screen monitors. Compared to conventional computer monitors, touch screens can provide a number of benefits, all of which can benefit businesses of any size.

Understanding the Benefits of a Touch Screen Monitor for your Point of Sale

touch screen monitor for POS

Touch screen monitors aren’t just gimmicks, and can provide some easily quantifiable benefits for a number of different industries. If you’ve been considering an upgrade to a touch screen monitor for POS, but you haven’t yet weighed up all of the benefits, then these simple advantages should help you to make an informed decision.

One of the most important benefits of a new touch screen POS system would be that you can save space. Whether you are operating a till on a countertop, or your POS is situated in a back of house location, saving space will never be a bad thing. Just like the development of LCD monitors saved space over their CRT predecessors, a touch screen POS will eliminate the need for a mouse or keyboard at your point of sale. In some industries, this can be particularly important, especially in restaurants, coffee shops, and cafés, where a mouse and keyboard could easily transmit bacteria. A single touch screen monitor is easy to clean, and doesn’t have the grooves and cavities that could harbor germs, dirt, and debris.

Another important thing to consider is ease of use. If you want to maximize the efficiency of your staff, while making their jobs easier, then a touch screen based system is a great idea. Traditional POS systems rely on multiple menus and complex navigation with a mouse and keyboard. This can make transactions take longer, and can increase time required for new staff to become competent with your system. Touch screen systems use simpler graphical user interfaces, which will be familiar to most people who have used modern touch devices like smartphones and tablets.

Scalable Systems for any Business

Touch Screen MonitorLike traditional systems, top touch screen monitor systems are scalable to your business needs. Whether you deal with simple products or complex inventories, you can invest in a scalable system that will meet your current and future needs. Choosing a system from a leading supplier like 3nStar will ensure that you get industry leading software, a reliable touchscreen monitor, and excellent after sales support from experts in the industry.

Talk to us today about any of your POS needs, and discover the benefits of transitioning to a newer touch screen system. Units are affordable and there are various models available to meet your needs and your budget. Because we’re a full-service point of sale solutions company, you can purchase a package to meet all of your requirements. A complete system could include a touch screen monitor for POS, card readers for loyalty rewards programs and smart services, cash drawers, and even printers, scanners, and Wi-Fi capable tablets. Tablets are an innovative solution that can be used for wireless POS at trade and consumer expos, food trucks, or any situation where you need a touch screen POS that works just as well as a permanent installation.

With all of the benefits of a traditional POS, with added convenience, ease of use, and functionality, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t purchase point of sale touch screen monitors to meet your business needs in 2017 and beyond.