When people think of touchscreen point of sale monitors they often think of retail stores but you can definitely bring them to far more venues than that. Libraries are something that many people never think of when they’re dealing with a point of sale, but it needs one just as much as any other business. Some of the most common reasons for installing a purchase point of sale touch screen monitor in a library can obviously include:

  • Book Checkouts – This is obviously the most common purpose for visiting a library and you can use a good POS system for a number of different tasks. You will be able to keep proper track of the books that are being checked out, their condition, due date, and of course the contact information of the individual who has borrowed the book in the first place. All of this information and more can be regulated and monitored with the top touch screen monitor.
  • Fines and Fees – This is obviously where the point of sale system will excel. Collecting fines for overdue library books or even lost library books is definitely an important job and one that you will need to take care of using a state of the art system.
  • Card Catalog Access – Welcome to the future! Rather than using a basic card system we are now using a completely digital system to keep track of the books in the library – it’s an amazing innovation and one that you’re going to need to switch to if you want to keep up with the times.


Purchase Point of Sale Touch Screen Monitor


The Importance of a Purchase Point of Sale Touch Screen Monitor

To say that a touch screen monitor is an important piece of equipment in your library would be a gross understatement. We detailed some of the benefits in the above paragraphs, but let’s put it this way: it’s easier. That’s right, it’s just plain easier to use a touchscreen system. First of all, older systems used a simple keyboard and a CRT monitor which created a few problems. Not only was it inefficient, it took far too long to input anything useful. With a touch screen system, you will be able to keep track of everything, but all of the items that were usually difficult to execute will now be consolidated into a few button presses. Do you by any chance remember the older library systems? We do, they used a basic UNIX command line interface with a minimal GUI which worked well at the time, but you can now see that it is more than a little dated. With touch screen systems all of the necessary functions can be grouped into one piece of hardware, and it won’t be long before you’re relying on them completely.

As with anything else, you are free to use an inexpensive touch screen monitor like ours with any POS software that you choose. You can even design your own if you feel that the available offerings don’t quite meet your expectations or needs. No matter what software you choose to use, you are going to find that the POS screens we offer are powerful and highly responsive – it’s everything that you could possibly want for your business.

Now would be a great time to start considering a massive technological upgrade for your library. Push aside those old dusty CRT monitors and start using the top touch screen monitors for your backend operations. Public or private libraries may not be as complex as retail stores, but they can certainly benefit from this highly responsive and very modern technology. Take a look at our store and decide which of our touch screen monitors you want to start using for your facility. Also remember that we have tons of other products that will work in tandem with the touch screen monitors, and it won’t be long before your entire facility is fully connected. Combine the old school excitement of a library with the new age technological connectivity. It’s about time for a change.