14 Cool Uses for Tablets From The Miami Tablet Manufacturing Company

//14 Cool Uses for Tablets From The Miami Tablet Manufacturing Company

14 Cool Uses for Tablets From The Miami Tablet Manufacturing Company

Isn’t your new tablet the coolest gadget you’ve ever owned? Just stick it in your backpack, purse or even your pocket. You can take these things anywhere. You have everything you could want wherever you go, pictures, music and even videos.

There are some pretty standard ways to use a tablet, but have you ever considered all the different and unusual applications that might be out there for this handy tool? If you’re trying to convince yourself of all of the possibilities so that you can justify getting a new tablet from 3nstar, the Miami Tablet manufacturing company, here’s 14 cool uses you might not have thought of.


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1. Two Monitors

If you need another monitor, don’t spend $130 plus for another one. Just hook up your tablet as your second monitor. It’s easy. Another way to get a lot more productive, regardless of where you are.


2. Remote Controller

Depending on your at-home setup, you can probably find an app that will allow you to control your TV and sound system from your tablet. Hey, it’s already on your lap, right? It’s the perfect size for a remote. You can control everything from your recliner, even your house.

3. Play Old (and New) Games

Interested in playing a little Playstation and Nintendo, or even a few Nintendo 64 games? Emulators are out there for everything. But before you start downloading games, remember, you’re supposed to own them first!

4. Entertainment in the Car for Kids

If your car ride is more than 30 minutes, the kids will drive you crazy. Don’t go out and spend the money for a DVD player. Just hook the tablet to the back of the seat and, bingo, you have entertainment.

5. Cash Register

Got a portable business, or just trying to sell your old stuff at your yard sale?  Well, now you can take credit cards on the spot. You can do the same thing with your smart phone, but, hey, let’s go for the big screen.

6. Ordering in Restaurants

You’ve probably heard that there are some restaurants that are now using tablets to take your order. By doing that, they don’t have to run around so much and you get your food faster. Sounds good to me!

7. Making Music

You can make music now on your tablet with things like GarageBand, or Audiotool Sketch. Apps like this allow you to do a lot of things you just can’t do on paper. You can do music, digital painting or writing, and because of the portability, you can copy it or share it in a breeze.


8. Handy Recipe Stand

Bet you have one of those cheap plastic cookbook stands lying around the house. Nobody uses these things because most recipes nowadays come through email. So use your tablet as your recipe stand. It’s portable and goes right into the kitchen where you need it.


9. Make a Picture Frame

How about this? Load up your tablet with pictures and set it down in the family room. Then just reminisce. Do be careful about those personal pics you have on there!

10. All Your Manuals in One Place

Where are all of your manuals? Probably all over the house. They’re mostly all online these days, so why not put them in a folder on your tablet and you’re done.


11. Textbooks No More

Have you heard of the latest from Apple, iBooks Textbooks? If this thing takes off, you can forget about lugging around heavy textbooks any longer.


12. An All-Inclusive Ereader

You probably guessed this one, but this is one of the best ways to use a tablet. IOS’ Newsstand, Google Play Magazines, Kindle, comic book readers and read later apps like Pocket. You can just combine all of your reading in one device.


13. Note Taking On the Fly

Are you a student, or take notes at work? A tablet can do it all for you. And now with Evernote, Drafts and OneNote you can do more than you ever could on paper.


14. A Device Just for Distractions

Yes, the Internet is distracting. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, so many ways to procrastinate. So maybe we need to just allocate a little procrastination time and offload all of these distractions onto a separate tablet to keep it separate from our important stuff. (Do we have the priorities correct here?)


We’ve talked about a lot of things to do with a tablet and a few possibilities for the future. We’ve looked at how to use them as a second monitor, how they are great creative devices and how they can become great production tools. Tablets are the hottest thing in the technology world right now. But most of us are still trying to figure out how we’re going to use these handy little gadgets. The tablets of today are wonderful devices and have a multitude of uses that we are just beginning to realize. We are just on the tip of the iceberg for what’s in store for this innovation. We invite you to explore the many different possibilities available with 3nstar tablets. Call us with your possibilities. We always want to hear what your imagination can conjure up.



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