You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hand – from the #1 tablet distributor in Miami

//You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hand – from the #1 tablet distributor in Miami

You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hand – from the #1 tablet distributor in Miami

Being the leading wholesale manufacturer of high-quality tablets, we offer the most affordable tablet for distributor  and consumer alike.  Our leading wholesale tablet distributor Miaminnovative technology and design is an exciting and stimulating way to connect to the world with a tablet that fits in the palm of your hand.  These high-functioning and agile tablets are the next best thing to a portable office.

Carry your work with you as you travel through your day. Our tablets are not only economical but sleek and sophisticated as well.  In a world that is all about multi-tasking, our tablets make it easy for you to move through your day unencumbered, increasing your viability and reliability, making you more valuable and successful in the work force.  These tablets are serious business!

As the leading wholesale tablet distributor Miami  has to offer, we carry the most cost-efficient  and highest-quality piece of technology at a fraction of the cost than major retailers. Our refined yet practical tablets are superior tools to connect you to work, to school, to family and friends.  These user-friendly tablets offer everyone a window to the world.  Even if all you need is a portable device to stream a movie, play your favorite music, or chat it up with your friends, our portable portals are limitless in their ability to keep you informed and connected to the world and beyond.

Willy Wonka and the famous Tablet Distributor in Miami bring on the fun!

Even though tablets have been around since 1990, they haven’t really gained the incredible momentum that they have until now.  So why the current explosion of tablets?  It cannot be simply stated that they are just more affordable.  These lightweight and compact devices are indispensable tools that are easy to set up, quick to browse and can be more than useful while you are on the go.  They are fast and easy to use, fun and enjoyable but don’t let that “toy-quality” fool you, these little tablets are not just addicting, they are serious players in the PC world.

So whether you are a serious game-changer or a serious game player, our tablets are perfect for the recreational user as well.  Whether you want to relax in front of a movie or stream music as you work or play, go shopping or watch the game…it’s all there at your fingertips!  There is no limit to what you can do or where you can soar with these sleek and stylish PC tablets. Looking for a high-functioning tablet without spending a fortune?  Our superior tablets offer you so many choices and options that we are confident you will find us to be the best wholesale tablet distributor Miami  has to offer!

The New ABC’s of affordable tablet for distributor  and schools alike!

best wholesale tablet distributor MiamiThe United States schools are projected to purchase 3.5 billion tablets by the end of the 2014 fiscal year, according to the Washington Post (May 2014).  These school-issued tablets will be able to replace extensive textbook fees as well as accelerate learning with diverse solutions to the individual needs of students.  These tablets offer an immense array of modern educational tools available through APP software programs.  This new digital way of learning is crucial to the special needs/Title One programs throughout the public and private school systems.  As an example, K-12 tablet spending has increased over 60% last year alone.

To Infinity and Beyond!

While schools are “re-thinking” their teaching programs to include this “transformed classroom environment” mentality, tablets are engaging the user in ways that books or laptops simply cannot. Tablets insure that video and social networks can be accessed with the touch of a finger and utilized to captivate, stimulate and open an unlimited access to the world that was never experienced before.  The APP experience is as rich and broad as can be imagined with anything you ever dreamed of – from interactive music lessons, to visual recipes, travel and remodeling ideas, counting calories or balancing a budget.  There is truly an APP for everyone, of any age!

Ready to Soar?

This explosion of this new, easily accessed and agile tablet technology is only the beginning.  As the leading manufacturer and distributor of superior tablets we are confident that your experience with us will be completely satisfying.  We are committed to innovation and sharing that innovation with our customers. We are proud of our quality customer service and quick turnaround.  We pride ourselves in our loyalty, integrity and high standards.  Our tablets will keep you ahead of the times.  You’ve got the whole world,  All in the palm of your hand.

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