Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor

//Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor

Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor

3nStar was developed by joining forces. We bring energy to today’s always growing technology industry. We manufacture state-of-the art Tablet miami wholesale tablet distributorPC’s and Accessories. Our goal is to offer outstanding support, and a variety of quality products at an affordable, competitive price.

We are guided by connecting people to the power of technology and achieving sustainable growth and delivering satisfaction to our customers and employees. We are driven to respect and value our customers and employees, creating and maintaining a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be, and encouraging a better future. We want people to be real, committed in their heart and mind, and we inspire others to encourage others to strike.

Being connected to and taking advantage of today’s technology doesn’t have to be expensive. We are happy to do what we do, and that is making it possible for everyone to own a tablet PC.

The Advanced Technology You Need

Everyone knows the technology is everywhere and is always advancing. It makes our work life and recreational life much easier. We take technology one step further with plenty of power to keep you connected at all times whether work, home, or play.

We are a Miami wholesale tablet distributor and we connect you with the technology you need to be productive at work, socialize with your friends and manage your life in a way like never before. 3nStar understands the need of portability in today’s world, and we make it easy to access files, browse the Internet, connect with your office and many other options.

Advanced Product Line

We carry a wide range of tablet PCs to fit your lifestyle. Sizes range from our 7” StarTabT 701B Cortex A8-1.0Ghz, 512MB DDR3 model, to our 10.1” StarTab T1125 Rockchip 3188, Quad-Core, Cortex-A9, 1G DDR3 model. There is a powerful tablet for every customer.

You can use our tablets for virtually anything, and we men virtually. You can read or watch movies, chat with friends, access lectures, assignments and notes on the go, make learning fun and easy for kids, sync your files between the office and home, or even shop online. There really is no limit for what our StarTab tablet PCs can do.

More Than Just Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs are fun and easy on the go, and what kind of distributor would we be if we didn’t offer accessories and protection? 3nStar offers cases, speakers and power banks for our tablets to enhance your experience. You can choose from an assortment of cases that are right for you. They are fun, exciting but also protective.

You can also amplify your audio by purchasing a product from our line of bluetooth speakers. They will have you rocking to your favorite tunes for hours with bass boost and amazing sound quality.

We have the power to make sure your tablet will never die. By power, we mean power! Purchase a power bank from us to keep your device charged and ready for action so you don’t miss anything. Our power banks will also charge other devices like smartphones or iPads.

What We Offer

We offer 5 stylish tablet PCs to fit your style and need. Technology is always advancing and you can advance with style and class and a decent price. With those stylish tablets, we offer 4 stylish cases, one of which is for children. So you can amplify your sound wherever you go, you can also purchase one of our four speakers. If you’re into sports and like soccer, we have a speaker that’s right for you. If you’re on the go with any handheld device, you always have to worry about it staying charged. What happens if you’re in the middle of something with no charger? By purchasing one of our two stylish power banks, you can charge your tablet PC, smartphone, or iPad on the go.

Don’t be stuck in the past with old technology because you can’t afford the newest item. Go to 3nStar and pick out the items that are right for you. We want to keep you connected and on the go without a hassle whether you’re at home at work or wherever it is you may be.


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