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Miami Tablet Manufacturing Company

Tablets are a hot item right now.  Ever since iPad hit the stores, the popularity has skyrocketed.  In the beginning there was a glut on the market of Android tablets, unfortunately, none really worked that well.  This was right around the time that touch screen phones were a pariah.  No one who had one had anything good to say.  They froze up repeatedly and when they did work they were glitchy.  The available Android tablets did not fare much better.  But that was then and this is now.  Touch screens and tablets have come a long way.

An Acceptable Alternative

The price prohibitive iPads were for the well-to-do, but finally the offering in lower price alternatives makes them a good investment, very user-friendly, and better than a smartphone for surfing the web and everything else because of the larger screen.  Another alternative to the iPad’s size.  Many people want something a little smaller than the 10 inch iPad.  7 inch tablets are very popular.  Smaller than an iPad, but larger than a smartphone.  It’s the best of both worlds from your Miami tablet manufacturing company.

An Android tablet allows you to shop around to get the best deal on apps, music, movies, and books.  iPad requires iTunes or Kindle eBook store to purchase media or apps.  For iPad it’s either pay Apple’s price or do without.  Android charges are interchangeable.  Almost all Android devices use micro USB for charging so you don’t need a new charger for each device.


Android tablets allow easy movement between your PC and your tablet.  Simply connect your tablet to your PC and you can drag and drop and files you want.  Is works just like a flash drive or other external device.  Another advantage if you are a Google user for email or any other Google app, like Google Docs, switching to a tablet is a breeze.  Just log into your email or docs, or Google Maps and you’re up and running.

How about memory?  iPad has no provision for adding memory, whereas many Android tablets offer a slot for an SD card.  Not all have this, so if this is a feature you want, check to see if the tablet you choose offers this.


Business and Personal

Miami tablet manufacturing companyGoing to the beach, pool, or zoo?  The size and number of things you can do on a tablet make it perfect for many uses.  Because you can read an e-book and check your email and surf the web, it is the ultimate traveling companion.  And you can read Nook books and Kindle books.  Tablets are a fantastic tool for insurance claims adjusters.  The adjuster can come out to make an appraisal, take photos and sent to the office all within a matter of minutes.

Purchasing a tablet is far less expensive than a laptop and a tablet can do most of what you want to do, especially with an optional keyboard, with a better price tag, since a laptop can set you back $500 or more.  When traveling it’s like having a library full of maps and books and all the info you need when traveling.  You can take your laptop everywhere on vacation, but a tablet is super portable so you never have to wish you had your computer to look for souvenir shops, restaurants, or attractions.  Wherever you go, the world goes with you.  Tablets are great for Skype.  Whether it is your kid at college, or your best friends from high school, a tablet is a perfect tool for this.

What Else?

Web browsing on a tablet over a smartphone or even laptops offers a better experience.  On a smartphone trying to read email or check websites requires zooming in or working the scroll bar on the bottom and, even then, it’s a hassle.  Leave that behind with a tablet.

Optional keyboards make writing a breeze when you need a keyboard for things like emails or working on the Great American Novel and it’s gone when you don’t need it taking up space.  If you use this for work that can come in very handy.

You can’t beat the battery life for watching movies.  With ten hours of battery life between charges, you can watch two full-length movies, which is great on the move.  Nothing keeps the kids quiet like that. And if they get bored, they can do whatever else they want on the tablet.

Tablets are only going to get more affordable and offer more things that you can use them for.  If you are in the market for a tablet and haven’t robbed a bank, check out 3NStar’s offerings.  We manufacture and sell our own tablet versions at a great price to save you money.  Get the technology you want and need right now with a right now price and keep up.


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