Guide For Buying The Best Deal From a Tablet Distributor in Miami

//Guide For Buying The Best Deal From a Tablet Distributor in Miami

Guide For Buying The Best Deal From a Tablet Distributor in Miami

As more and more tablet manufacturers enter the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide when it comes to buying a tablet. Initially, the tablet market was stormed in by Apple’s iPad. Its growing popularity among masses attracted other competitors in the market. Thus, iPad arrival was followed by Microsoft, Google, Sony, Samsung, Dell and the list of manufacturers goes on. Having a tablet is a business requirement for some people; for students it is educational and at home it is an all-in-one entertainment device for kids and family.

Hence, when in Florida, you will easily find more than one reason for buying from a tablet distributor in Miami. This article lays down a step-by-step guide to select the tablet that is right for you. Identifying answers to these self-questions will help you to easily decide which tablet fits best for you when buying from a tablet distributor in Miami.

Miami Low Cost Tablet Distributor


  • What are your requirements?

As a first step, you need to identify what you intend to use a tablet for. Different needs have tablets built differently. For example, for business purposes, you will need a full-sized, robust tablet with external mouse and keyboard as well. Some manufacturers provide a writing pen as an input along with the tablet. Likewise, for gaming purposes, you need a tablet with high speed processor and powerful graphics. Professional gamers would essentially need Nvidia tablets.

For general use at home with multiple family members sharing the tablet, a general purpose tablet would do the need. This would consist of features from a smart phone combined with features from a PC.

  • What Apps you need?

Identifying your requirements will help you recognize the right apps for you. Generally, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and Line are the apps that are deemed necessary in every device besides the special purpose apps. For free international calls, Skype is the most preferred app whereas for emailing, Gmail and Outlook are the commonly used email services. Business-oriented people would want MS Office on their Tabs while gamers are expected to use high-definition gaming apps.

  • Which Operating System is convenient for you?

The most popular operating systems in the tech industry are iOS, Android and Windows 8.1. To choose from these three OS is not a matter of selecting what attracts you more but what primarily fits your needs. That’s because apps that are supported by one OS, may not necessarily be available on the other. For example, if your requirement is MS word, choosing an iPad would be a wrong choice as this app is not available on iOS. Also, you need to see which OS will be easy for you to use. If you are used to Windows, working on iOS may take you time to learn. On the contrary, iOS users might find Android’s interface difficult to use.

  • What are your specifications?

This question covers what technical features you desire. If you need fast speed, you might want to consider tab devices with multicore processors such as those from Android, Nvidia and Intel.

Space is of prime importance when choosing any computing device. So you need to consider how much RAM you would need when using tablet. It is directly proportional to the number of apps you run simultaneously. Hence, there is no upper limit to RAM size in a tablet; more is merrier.

Likewise, internal storage is also a point to consider that depends on your intent for using the tablet. Nevertheless, with continued increase in data, no amount of internal storage can be enough for you. However, currently, most tablets are providing 16 GB internal storage space that can be expanded by adding external storage card.

  • What is your Budget?

Now that you have jotted down the list of your need to buy the tablet, apps and OS you need, as a final step you need to determine how much you are ready to spend. Defining your budget in the early 2000s was difficult because there were only few options available in the tablet manufacturing industry that were too expensive to afford. But now it’s easier than ever before thanks to 3nStar, one of the best tablet manufacturer in Miami.

Finding the best Tablet Manufacturer in Miami

While doing the above assessment of your needs and wants, you might have found that certain apps have compatibility issues on certain OS platforms.  Here’s where 3nStar comes in. It does not only provide tablet devices from the traditional companies that charge high prices because of its brand name, it also manufactures its own tablet devices that are integrated with the cutting-edge technology at reasonable prices. Unlike a traditional tablet distributor in Miami that only sells from other manufacturers at higher prices, 3nStar makes custom built tablets that caters to the direct needs of its customers. With its customized tech solutions, all compatibility issues and barriers are removed that otherwise makes it impossible to have the best tablet experience.


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