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//Become A Tablet Distributor

Become A Tablet Distributor

How to Become a Tablet Distributor

Ever since tablet technology hit the market, there has been a high demand for both personal and business applications.  It is hard to deny the portability and ease of use every user experiences with these handy devices.  With the demand not showing any signs of slowing down, now it the best time to get in on the business side of tablet distribution.

Hot Markets for Tablet Use

Become a tablet distributorPersonal use of tablet technology is seen everywhere and more often.  With so many different manufacturers producing low cost, yet high quality tablets, it has become easier to afford for most people.  Mothers and fathers use them in and around the house to use for quick reference on any home repair or new meal recipe.

Children are often clamoring for these devices that may be used for both entertainment and educational purposes.  Tablets are a good compromise of size and function by combining computer capabilities with a convenient seven or ten inch device.  Adults and youth alike find multiple uses with a table in everyday life.

Businesses and entrepreneurs also find tablets to be a great addition to their work life and professional interactions.  Home business owners use them to continue working while away from home.  Many small business owners and companies use them to allow for easy payment processing at customer locations, and even to hold complex programs that allow them to give immediate service and work estimates to prospective clients.

It is difficult to take a flight today without seeing a high percentage of passengers working on a tablet while they travel for work.  Many companies employ the use of tablet devices for their employees to keep them working anywhere in and out of the office, making impromptu meetings happen easier and quicker by bringing these devices along to share and update information on the fly.

Notebook PC for Distributors

While tablets are small and easy to use, some businesses and individuals prefer a device slightly more powerful. A notebook PC is the perfect solution.  It sports a similar level of portability, but is able to hold bigger operating systems and productivity programs.  There are often more options for storage with a notebook PC versus a tablet.

Become a tablet distributor with 3nStar, you will be able to help your customer assess their business and personal needs in order to suggest a myriad of technology solutions to their mobile demands.  Distributors have access to many low cost tablet and notebook PC options for businesses of every capacity and productivity specifications.  Since price points have dropped dramatically over the last few years, the appeal and interest has never been higher than it is today.

Low Cost Tablet for Distribution in South America

quality tablet for distribution in South AmericaBecoming a tablet distributor is an easy and profitable task.  There are many low cost tablet options available for distribution in South America with technology integration reaching more audiences every day.  Both online and face-to-face transactions are carried out all over the world where people, both for personal and professional reasons, look to purchase affordable tablets for use in companies and in the home environment.  This creates a demand for more distributors to keep the supply readily available and easy to purchase as the need arises.

Many companies across the globe are forced to modernize their technology, such as tablets provide, in order to keep pace with competitors, as well as meeting the demands of their customers.  As a distributor of tablet technology, you can count on customers looking for an affordable mobile solution to match their busy schedules while still maintaining a consistent output of workflow – and to receive these devices as quickly as possible.  This is where 3nStar steps in to help you and your customers out with their mobile technology needs.

What 3nStar Can Do For You

We provide you high quality tablet for distribution in South America at a very low cost, which allows you to have more flexibility when working with your clients.  Not only do we provide you with the technology your customers are demanding, but we also have a large selection of accessories for mobile computing technology to keep the devices protected and extend their power longevity.  From a full line of cases to charging options, your customers have access to a one-stop shop with you as their primary source.

We also offer items to pair with tablets that extend the usability of the devices for personal use.  Adding portable speakers or a tablet stand makes a tablet more versatile in many home and business applications.  The convenience of Bluetooth technology makes this a perfect addition to watching movies, listening to music and watching instructional videos on any tablet or other mobile device.  These are quick and affordable add-ons to every tablet purchase you and your customers will appreciate.

Contact us at 3nStar to help you get started as a tablet distributor today!  You may reach us at our Florida office by calling 786-233-7011, or by using our online form found on our Contact Us page.  Simply enter your contact information into the form, as well as any questions you have for us, and one of our helpful, friendly and experienced staff members will be in touch with you quickly.  Don’t wait any longer!  Becoming a distributor of tablet, notebook PCs and their related accessories has never been easier, and the market is calling you now.  Allow 3nStar to be your supply partner in the mobile technology industry.

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