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Affordable Tablets

4244072261_24e0b30cefIn today’s world of information you need to stay one step ahead of the game. Now it seems everywhere you turn someone has a tablet, a speaker, or even a computer. How do you keep up when technology just keeps pushing forward more and more? Today it’s not uncommon for a person to sync their daily schedules and appointments all together. They usually end up using their tablets for both work and play in order to get ahead in life and keep everything going smoothly. How can you compete with that while still not shelling out a couple thousand dollars for the latest new gadget?
Well, that’s where 3nstar steps in. We are the most affordable tablet distributor in Miami. We’re driven to providing our customers with the best affordable tablets out there. We want to save you money and give you access to the wealth of information out there. We know tablets can be used for just more than keep your daily schedule intact. They’re great for organizing pictures, keeping track of projects, and are even a great learning tool. Tablets are easy to use for just about the whole family and are an excellent investment.

Why would you want to get a tablet though? What benefits do they provide for you and your family? Well, tablets provide a great learning tool for children. Not only is there literally thousands of free apps out there but many of those apps were made to aide children in their education. For example on a tablet your child can practice their writing skills. They can also do math, look up information, and even do research on a subject for an upcoming project. Tablets are also a great source of entertainment since you can play games like Angry Birds on them.

Even if you don’t want to use your tablet for purely entertainment purposes they can help you with business as well. With a tablet you can pull up the diagram of a project to show to your boss or co-workers to show them how you’re proceeding with the latest project. You can even use it to schedule appointments and keep track of who you’re meeting, at what time, and where. It’s like having a laptop but with much more flexibility and easier to handle.

3nstar doesn’t only offer tablets though. Do you want to protect your tablet so you can get as much use out of it as possible? We also offer tablet cases so you can keep your tablet protected. If you’re getting one for your children to help them out with school work we have a shock proof case that makes the tablet easier to handle. This can also prevent your tablet from breaking if it’s dropped.

Do you happen to travel on business a lot? Or just move around a lot in your day? If so, and you use your tablet for a lot of your business we would also recommend getting one of our power banks. This way your tablet is always charged and on the go. So when you see the battery running low you can plug it in and rest assured you’ll have several more hours to use your tablet. This is very useful if you’re on a long car trip and your children want something to do. You may even be a business owner and have to keep up with your internet marketing. With the power bank you can charge the tablet up so your children stay entertained the entire car trip.

But what if you work from home? Do you listen to music as you work? Well, we also have excellent speakers from you to choose from as well. They have very clear sound and a deep bass so you can enjoy your music as you work. Leaving your hands free to do what you need without the use of headphones in your ears. Our speakers come in many different varieties and styles so you can pick the one that fits you best.

We seek to provide affordable tablets for everyone. We’re customer driven and customer approved. Please, feel free to browse our selection and see what you like best. You’re bound to find the tablet and accessories for it that is just right for you. We have a wide selection and thank you for coming to 3nstar for your tablet needs.



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