Affordable Tablet From a Miami Tablet Manufacturer

//Affordable Tablet From a Miami Tablet Manufacturer

Affordable Tablet From a Miami Tablet Manufacturer

Get a quality and affordable tablet from a Miami tablet manufacturer


7887927480_3ecec30d00_oFor many years we’ve marveled at the size, convenience and variety of laptops available on the market. Laptops became the norm and you could see almost everyone around you toting one – professionals, workers, students, parents… everyone was in on it. Now there is a device that’s even smaller than a laptop and making work on the go even more convenient than ever before. The tablet has entered the scene and our world has taken another turn down the road of technological advancement. We’re in on the buzz too. As a Miami tablet manufacturer, we can help you find just the tablet you need.


Good tablets can be costly and out of reach for those whose paychecks don’t extend to those types of purchases. There’s no need to worry about that any longer especially when you shop with us. As a Miami low-cost tablet distributor, we have manufactured our own tablet operating system as well as the ones you’re familiar with like Android and Apple. Whatever you’re looking for we have a tablet to fit your needs and your budget.


Speaking of what you’re looking for; you can try these products on for size:


  1. StarTab T702-01W 7” with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, Cortex A9, dual core 1 Ghz and 1 GB DDR3.
  2. StarTab T705S 7” Android with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, MTK6577, Cortex A9, dual core @ 1.2×2 Ghz, 1 GB DDR3
  3. StarTab T1002S 10.1” Android with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, Rockchip 3026, Cortex A9, dual core 1G DDR3


That’s just a taste of the products we have. You can review other information about each tablet under the technical details tab for each tablet. You will also find additional tablets that may better suit your needs.


Because of the tablet choices we carry and our low prices we have become very popular in Miami, and we want to expand that popularity to other areas as well. There was a time when tablets weren’t accessible for the average middleclass American, but not only do we have prices that everyone can afford we make buying them as easy as can be. Keep in mind that wholesale does not mean cheap or inferior. We provide top-quality tablets as well as the accessories to go with them including speakers, Bluetooth accessories, protective (and decorative) cases and power banks that will keep you charged on the go. As an added benefit our power banks are able to charge your other electronics as well.


How having a tablet changes the way you work and play

Although a laptop is relatively easy to carry around it isn’t always convenient. A lot of times you need an additional bag like a laptop case or a backpack equipped to carry a laptop, but with a tablet all you need is a purse, a briefcase, a regular backpack or you can simply carry it in your hand. You can get a tablet with just touchscreen that allows for a touch keyboard or you can purchase a tablet with an attached (and mostly removable keyboard). Tablets have just as much power as your laptop and can perform all the tasks you need to accomplish business tasks, writing papers, watching videos or movies, listening to music, playing games or posting on social media.

You can try to do all of this from your phone, but you’ll have a difficult time getting everything accomplished with such a small screen and multitasking is a nightmare. With a tablet you have access to a large screen, quicker reaction and loading times, and a larger memory to save information you want to refer to later. If you’re a student you can easily take notes during class or finish writing a paper at the last minute while sitting in your car. For business owners, you can participate in a last minute conference call, work on a spreadsheet or presentation all while checking your email and sending invoices. Try to do all of that on your smartphone – it just isn’t an efficient use of your time.

Why choose a tablet manufacturer in Miami

Not only are we a manufacturer that offers low cost and high quality tablets for sale, but we are also very aware of the need for providing great customer service. That’s one of the things we pride ourselves on. Happy customers and great customer service are a direct result of happy employees. We make it a point to provide the best benefits and environment for our employees so they’ll be happy on the job. They in turn pass that happiness on to you.


You have our commitment to helping you find the most affordable tablet option for you and giving you an experience that you remember positively so you will recommend your friends and family to us. Remember, we are Miami’s low-cost tablet distributor and we have the right tablet option for you.

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