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Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor

It wasn’t that long ago that the first tablet computer, iPad, shook up the computer world, just as its predecessor, iPhone, did for the smartphone world. Just as laptops had done in the past to make computers portable, iPad was the next generation of portable computers.  But the price of the iPad did not mesh well with some wallets, so once the idea was out of the bag, other computer manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon to rush their own version of tablet to market, with a more budget friendly option, lucky for us.

As a Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor, 3NStar has plenty of products that will get you into the tablet game without emptying your wallet.  Smartphones are great.  They do everything your computer can do, in fact, it does more than we ever know or use, but having the convenience of the internet in our hands is fairly addicting.

If you notice, smartphones are getting bigger and bigger.  Why? Because the screen is too small for what we are doing with them other than making phone calls!  And that is where the beauty of a tablet comes in.  It is highly portable and the size, while bigger than a smartphone, is a help, not a hindrance.  After all, you won’t be trying to put it in your pocket.


Of course, you have a smartphone, but instead of dragging everything with you and having to fumble with your tablet and phone, what if your tablet could do both?  It can.  You have access to the internet, you can make calls, use GPS, and take high-quality photos.  So you have your laptop, cell phone, and camera all in one highly portable device.  Can anyone say multitask?

Having a tablet is perfect for downtime when flying.  If you have a layover, or just some time in between planes you can work, surf or play a game.  Of course, your tablet needs a power source, but no worries with one of our power banks.  Power banks are a great tool to have, especially if you are a heavy duty user.  Power banks will power your tablet, smartphone, mp3 player, and more.    A tablet offers high productivity for all employees.  Checking email on your phone is doable, but how much better on a tablet for reading and replying and being able to check your calendar at the same time for scheduling meetings and the like.  So in a meeting or flying to a jobsite, you can get more work done.

More than Just a Tablet

While we do have a great choice in tablets, we also offer smartphones, power banks, speakers, and cases.  If you need tablets, but your budget is not huge, our quality tablets make us the top Miami Tablet Distributor in the area.  With a range of tablets from 7 inches up to 10.1 inches with WiFi and Bluetooth, it works as hard as you do.  This is one purchase you will not regret.


Go Big

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?  No matter what your line of business, tablets can enhance your staff.  Tablets are highly portable so they can go anywhere.  You can take your presentation to your meeting, and share it with everyone’s device, replacing overhead projectors.  You can reduce unnecessary printing.  Your presentation is on everyone’s tablet, and it also allows them to take notes on the tablet as you go.  More and more companies are investing in tablets for their employees.  It won’t be too long before these little computers replace most other computer products in modern businesses around the world. Don’t get left behind. Is your IT budget tight?  Our high quality and low cost tablets allow you to get in on the trend even on a tight budget.


Of course, tablets are for personal use also.  It’s great for kids doing homework, you kicking back to read the news or your wife looking up recipes on Pinterest.  And all without lugging the laptop around the house, and if you have only one computer, be it a desk top or laptop there is probably sharing issues.

With a tablet you double your availability and at our prices, you can get everyone their own tablet.  Desktops, we know are still in use in businesses and homes, but the trend is towards the portability of a laptop over the immobility of the desktop.   The tablet movement takes mobility a step further.  You or your spouse collects recipes on Pinterest.

Most people don’t print the recipe; they use it from the computer, so you, in turn, take the laptop into the kitchen to cook.  It’s not the safest place for your laptop.  But think about how much simpler it would be to have a tablet instead?  It is true that without a waterproof case, they can still be damaged, but, unlike the laptop, you can have in accessible place but still out of harm’s way. Tablets make great e-readers also so having a tablet allows you to surf the web and read a book.


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