A Miami Tablet Manufacturer for Everyone

//A Miami Tablet Manufacturer for Everyone

A Miami Tablet Manufacturer for Everyone

Tablets and the Real World

When the iPad announced its arrival the world took notice and a red-hot trend started that has dramatically evolved.  Where tablets were at first considered to be fun companion devices (or toys), they have come a long way in a very short period of time.  Tablets aren’t just for playing games or catching up on social media anymore, they have become an integral part of our lives.  Students and professionals use these devices in classrooms and boardrooms to take notes, deliver presentations, and research supplemental material to assist them in projects or assignments.  The portability, battery life, and generous size screens of tablets make all of this possible.  The prices of some tablets reduce these possibilities and that is where we come in.  We are 3NStar, a Miami tablet manufacturer and wholesaler who understands that while people need, if not want, a tablet not everyone can pay a premium for them.  Well we are happy to say that we can provide a solution.


The Wholesale Advantage

3NStar is proud to offer brand-name tablets at low prices.  Since we are a wholesaler, we can sell big name tablets at rock bottom prices because our customers are not paying for the products to reach retail stores.  This way we pass the savings to our valued customers.  And please do not confuse a wholesaler for someone who offers inferior quality since we offer the same familiar products you are already familiar with.  If you need a tablet at an ever lower price than we are able to deliver.  We are not just a wholesaler, we are a Miami tablet manufacturer.  By manufacturing our own devices powered by the operating systems you are familiar with, we can offer a quality product at a price point to fit almost any budget.  You won’t spend your entire paycheck at 3NStar because we want to be able to put this great technology in everyone’s hands.

Miami Tablet Manufacturer

Why this Miami Tablet Manufacturer?

We know you can take your hard-earned money to a variety of business, so we would like to tell you what sets 3NStar apart from the others.  We believe that one of the best ways we can serve our customers is to have the lowest and most competitive prices in the Miami market.  And we are not just focused on getting you a great product, we want to offer you a great experience.  The most important part of our job is delivering top-notch customer service and to do this we pride ourselves on going out of our way to make sure our employees are treated like gold.  After all, a happy employee is going to deliver better customer service.  We strive to set ourselves apart from the sometimes uncaring atmosphere of the wholesale environment to make certain we stand out among other low-cost tablet distributors.


How Necessary are Tablets?

For people trying to review an assignment or document on the go, it can be really difficult to look at a smaller smartphone screen.  Tablets offer much more viewing real estate since their displays vary from 7” to 10.1” and this is a huge advantage to people who stay on the move like students and professionals.  These large displays and outstanding battery life make tablets a popular option for lectures and meeting as they allow people to effectively communicate and share ideas with each other.  Since we are a tablet wholesaler and a manufacturer we can offer top-notch products at deeply discounted prices in order to provide the most economical option to all of our customers.  We know that a business just getting off the ground might elect to buy a house-made device from a Miami tablet manufacturer to save even more money than electing to buy a brand-name at wholesale pricing.  We strive to understand and meet the needs of our customers by giving them as many choices as possible.



We feel that the variety and diversity of our products make us the best among Miami tablet manufacturers and distributor.  Most places that deal in volume do not offer much variety but we have the opposite philosophy.  We understand that due to a wide array of customer needs, we need to offer high numbers of a wide array of devices.  It does our customers no good if we can offer them the number they need but of a product they don’t particularly want.  Our variety doesn’t end at tablets since we understand these products need accessories to make sure they run optimally.  We carry an equally large assortment of cases, chargers, data cables, USB flash drives, Bluetooth peripherals, and even power banks that can also power other devices.  We want to make 3NStar your headquarters among Miami tablet manufacturers.  If you’re ready to get matched up to the perfect tablet, give us a call or take a closer look at www.3nstar.com/.



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