10 Ways to Free Up Your Business, From The 3nStar Tablet Distributor in Miami

//10 Ways to Free Up Your Business, From The 3nStar Tablet Distributor in Miami

10 Ways to Free Up Your Business, From The 3nStar Tablet Distributor in Miami

tablet distributor in MiamiDo you realize that your desk may be hampering your productivity and creativity? Grab your tablet, interact with your customers and embrace the new way of doing business in today’s world.

We’re going to take a look at 10 ways that small businesses are unchaining their employees from their desks, helping them get out there and talk with their customers, and flat out get more work done. The world is changing and here’s how many businesses are leading that change with tablets from the 3nStar tablet distributor in Miami.

1. Pay On The Spot

When you go to a restaurant today, there’s a good chance you will be handed a tablet on which to place your order. You’ll also be seeing more of these devices at farmers markets, trade shows and festivals where you can make your payments with a credit card right on the spot. Now we can bring the tablet to where the customer is. We don’t need a fixed cash register.


2. Talk With Your Tablet

Ever thought of using a tablet as a phone? No, not held up to your ear! That would look a little weird! No, but if you load in Skype or Google Voice, and add a bluetooth headset, you would then be in business, using the tablet as an Internet phone, making all your calls on the spot.


3. Train On Your Tablet

Need to train your team, or yourself? Just listen and watch with a tablet. You could subscribe to something like Lynda.com. Have your whole team take training on their tablets. Even set up your own handpicked curriculum on your Intranet.


4. CRM On The Go

Obviously, you can access Salesforce or Sage data while in the field with your tablet. But have you thought of using services like Cardmunch or Bump to add data while in the field?


5. Create a Mobile Portfolio

Talk about high ROI with a tablet! How about making a presentation to a prospective client on your tablet? Think photographers, graphic designers and real estate agents. And how about adding a larger screen for an added WOW factor?


6. Manage Your Documents

You’ve probably figured out by now, in many cases a tablet is just as good as a desktop or laptop. And one of the reasons is because we want access to our information when and where we want it, with any device we like. Talk about instant gratification.


7. Create and Edit on the Go

A lot of folks think document management means having access to static documents. Well, today, more people want true mobility. We want to be able to create and edit our documents when we are on the go. By having this capability from any device accounts for the huge growth of Evernote and other competing services.


Nowadays, we don’t have to be in the office, sitting next to a printer or fax machine to do what we need to do. Today we can use electronic platforms to sign, save and return all completed documents.


8. Conduct On-sight Inventory

Do you think the inventory process is a hassle? And what if you don’t have a decent barcode system? About the only solution is paper, right? But today there are apps out there that make the inventory tracking process a lot easier. You can even create your own database. No more paper or pencils.


9. Time Management

There are lots of tools out there now which allow you to manage time tracking, and they work on all tablets. This is really important where you have to bill for hourly employee time. It’s also important when you’re billing for time in the field, on business trips or when working from home.


10. Get Paid Quick

Miami Wholesale Tablet DistributorOK, this is the serious part of tablet capability. We’re talking about doing estimates, sending invoices or scanning receipts. With today’s accounting apps, you can manage all of your accounting right there on your tablet. So, you’ve probably guessed it. There are more mobile tools and apps available today than ever before. And they’re cheap, or free. One more thing. Don’t forget to get a good wireless keyboard.


As you have probably seen, tablets can provide a customized user experience that helps businesses create better ways to work with their customers. And you’ve undoubtedly heard about businesses using mobile devices to gather information on the shopping or buying habits of their customers. But, as our list points out, the tablet is rapidly changing the way we do business and is impacting many industries. In the Florida market, the Miami Wholesale Tablet Distributor, 3nStar, is leading the way in this new technology. Let us know how you’re adapting this new trend for your business. Could your business be operating more smoothly with a tablet, or two?



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